1. This is Boston! #bostonstrong


  2. "Technology has not generally been a revolutionary force; it has been responsible for keeping things the same as much as changing them."

  3. The Keytar Bear is becoming famous. That’s the man!

    I took a picture of him at Downtown Crossing.


  4. "

    We use this rubric to determine the urgency of communication …

    Phone or Google Hangout: Need an answer immediately
    IM or Text: Need an answer in the next hour
    Flow Discussion: Need an answer in next day or two
    Email: Need an answer in next day or two
    Convoy: No answer required

  5. drftraining:

    Tough being so far away from home when stuff like this happens. Thoughts and prayers with the families. #bfd #bostonfire #bpd #bostonstrong #boston #heroes

    (via newenglandisbeautiful)


  6. Coaching everywhere

    What if we could turn a three hour flight into a mentoring program at 35,000 feet?

    That’s a clever decision by Delta Airlines.

    The best coaching experience that I’ve ever had was in flights with bosses and co-workers. 

    It reminds me another idea of coaching that is becoming usual: The idea of having lunch with a mentor who is able to enhance the value of your professional life. Once in a while, eating with an amazing person in your field can boost your ideas and, of course, multiply your network.

    Maybe, in the future, like the Delta airplanes we will also have ‘innovation/mentoring areas’ in the restaurants. Why not?


  7. "Work is not a place where you go. Work is something you do."
    — Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler in Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It.

  8. Love them or hate them, GIFs rule the web—and a pair of graduate students at the MIT Media Lab want to turn them into a language. Travis Rich and Kevin Hu started a site that uses human brainpower to quantify the emotional content of animated GIFs (like the two below), as a side project. But their site, GIFGIF, is no joke.